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Full Impact (Film Soundtrack)
Long Song Description:
This is wild! I used Harmony Wiz on my iPad set to chromatic with no black keys. I set it to step sequence and played completely random patterns as fast as I could go. I emailed it to myself as a MIDI and opened it in my DAW. I add occasional pauses for effect. I copied/cloned the tracks and moved the 2nd and 3rd rows down to equal in unison a minor chord or so. I assigned orchestra instruments to each track. Then, I took the 2nd row & later the 3rd row individually randomly choosing measures and lowering down 1 or 2 steps. Totally random. Then I saved it as a midi file and opened it in Band-in-a-Box and identified the chords. I assigned a soundtrack and instruments to it in BIAB and saved it as a wave. I put the BIAB wav mix into the DAW with the orchestra. It worked great. I did a scratch mix and opened it in Magix Music Maker and added drums. Mixed those down and dragged that mix into my DAW. I wanted a choir, but it needed varying from the fast notes. I went back to BIAB and chose Soloist and created a sax or string computer generated solo. I put that MIDI file into my DAW. I had to move it up an octave for my choir and in the process cloned it and found a trumpet section worked. For the icing on the cake, I did another scratch mix and put it in Magix Music Maker and added simple bits and pieces to embellish the music. It was tough to raise and lower the MMM parts to match the music. I had to print out from BIAB the chord sheet to put MMM parts to the chords. Example: MMM does not have a C minor choice, so I had to take Am and transpose up to Cm. It all was fun. Quite a learning lesson. I let technology do the work.
If you think I know what I am doing, you are mistaken. LOL
Music Credits: Michael Hanson Cantwell
Song Length: 1:11
Primary Genre: Unique-Soundtracks
Secondary Genre: Classical-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)