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Mike Cantwell - TalentEast Produ
THE BEST SONGS ARE AT THE TOP AND WORK DOWN SUBJECT TO YOUR FAVORITE GENRES. Mike Cantwell is a songwriter, composer, musician, and does home studio recording. Mike stays on the cutting edge of creativity and current music as well as having created classic songs. His goal is to have (at least) 3 pieces of music used in Film and TV. Mike creates music in Pop, Rock, Country, Soundtracks, Smooth Jazz, and many other genres. He is open to collaborating with others and creating music using TalentEast Productions. Named so for the Talent on the East Coast. Mike Cantwell lives in "the land of pleasant living" on the Delmarva (DELaware, MARyland, VirginiA) Peninsula on the East Coast between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
Prior to joining Broadjam, Mike entered national and world songwriting contests and has received 21 songwriting awards for lyrics and for music. Mike had lyrics printed in American Songwriter magazine lyric contest.

Mike often experiments to create new sounds and new techniques to be unique. Mike often takes drums and instruments from various genres and mashes them together for a new sound. Mike has a love of the guitar and uses the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer to play grand piano, trumpet, saxophone, violin, cello, and many, many other instruments. Mike writes, sings, and plays all the instruments on the tracks recorded in his home recording studio, except for 3 that were studio vocalists. And, he has co-wrote with others and used Nashville demo services, too. Mike is open to trying anything musically.

Giving thanks to Broadjam for the opportunities, Mike has had two songs briefly in the Earth Top 10 on Broadjam, which is no easy feat. Mike has been fortunate enough to have over 30 songs "Selected" for use in Film, TV, & Ads.
To quote Michael "Mike" Hanson Cantwell,
"I am a Songwriter. I have the power of music to put life into mere words. To create magic. To touch people. To move people emotionally or move people to dance, I am a songwriter." -Mike Cantwell